Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Dahlias!

So you may remember that way back in January I ordered a bunch of seeds, and planned and schemed and finally got them planted.

What I didn't blog about (yes. I do have things I *don't* blog about), is that I have actually given away some of the seeds I purchased to some friends and family. Not needing whole packets of everything this year, and seeds only stay viable for so long...

My mother sent me a picture of the Dahlias she grew from the seeds I gave her:

Here's hoping she continues to get sun in Vancouver so those other smiling faces can bloom!
Hers are even healthier! Love it! And the squash she's got growing behind them.

Someday I'd like to have seeds from the Stoneyhaw garden flung far and wide and see pictures of their offspring growing elsewhere...but for now - Thanks Mom!


Indiana said...

My wedding flowers... :)

caitlinvb said...

ahhh yes. They would have been just in time! So glad you can still enjoy them. AND jr sauce.