Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Very Long Time

It has been... a very long time.

And I apologize to you, oh Lone Reader, for the prolonged absence.

I could give you excuses and reasons as to why this pause in my ramblings, but that's what they would be. Although my computer dying in August and taking me this long to get a new one up and running (amongst other exciting things) has got to be a good one!

Since August, things have been moving along fairly swiftly, yet oddly unchangingly, here at Stoneyhaw. And you shall hear more from me.

Spring. In January.

Exciting plans are in the works!

Our holiday decorations this year. Walleye lights. Thanks Dad!

There has been some cooking. Creme Caramel, baby.

Burlington has done this a few times recently.

Single most favorite food combo recently.

No words necessary.

Still springing!

The Cammack daffodils have started to come up.

After all that spring weather... we got snow.

And sleet!