Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I had this whole blog post about how sometimes when you feel that you have neglected something it is actually perfectly capable of thriving and will surprise you by doing so. I had great analogies and whatnot lined up with pictures from my garden and all that good stuff and everything. And then I neglected to write it.

And it's not that any of this is no longer true. I neglected my garden last fall when I found out I was pregnant and just about lost my grip on sanity, and I neglected it this spring due to being morbidly rotund (read: VERY pregnant), and am continuing to neglect it now that the little guy has arrived and is taking up all of my time. Although how he manages to do so sompletely without doing much more than sleeping on his part is a minor mistery to me.

But while I hole up in my little coccoon of new mom-ness, the outside world continues to thrive and grow despite my neglecting it. My artichokes are back, my heirloom garlic I planted spring before last came up (it never did last year and I seriously thought the chickens had 'tilled' that bed too much for anything to still be alive in it), my horseradish is back (thanks Aunt Jennie!), volunteer lettuces are up (since I neglected to rip them out they went to seed....), volunteer mystery brassicas, carrots from the year before last that the chickens topped are producing green tops, parsley that died back is back, my herbs, grape, fig & blueberries are all here.... it's pretty damn cool.

Artichokes. Love that they're a perennial here

We haven't been neglecting the chickens. I just like to add a picture of them every now and then

Best example of neglect, ever. These were planted who knows when... when my now 60year old dad was a kid... they are all over the property and no one ever does anything to them.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

(almost) wordless.

Our little squeaker at 24hrs old.