Thursday, February 03, 2011

Getting Ready to Spring

Pun intended. Ish. Really it's the best I can do at the moment...

While the water saga continues, I'm still managing to make a bit of progress towards having SOMETHING in the ground this spring. My soil will not be as fortified as I'd like, I may or may not be ready for chickens, I won't be putting in any fruit trees, and I only have one grapevine (and haven't figured out yet where I want to put him). BUT. If for no other outcome than to find out what I can and cannot kill easily, things will be put in dirt, given as much sun as possible, and watered.

So what am I up to this week? Other than being sick and hanging out with a sick six year old for a greater part of the week, the following:
  • planning, planning, plotting, scheming, planning
I bought a binder, and have been plotting out indoor planting times, outdoor planting times, and contemplating where I'm going to plant the 60+ kinds of seeds that for some reason I bought. To my credit I edited down, but still. That's how many I *had* to have. Te reassuring thing is all of the accounts of first-time gardener's, hobby farmers, homesteaders, etc, all have over-ordering and over-planting of seeds in common their first year, so feeling like that's ok. I figure anything that survives this year's turmoil and lack of preparedness will be a keeper.
  • panicking
(holy shit I don't have room for all this, I don't have beds prepared for ANY of this, I haven't figured out a water system yet, I'm going to have to BUY dirt, there are still too many god damn trees where my garden's gonna be, I have no idea what I'm doing, I need a job, what if NOTHING grows, holy shit holy shit holy shit)
  • preparing
Maybe I should get something rigged up to start seeds. Outdoors is pretty much not gonna happen, so I tackled organizing and setting up grow lights in the shed. Yay! One thing done! 
  • panicking
(I can't plug in the grow lights, as I don't have a power strip. Will the soil stay warm enough in the uninsulated shed? holy shit holy shit holy shit. Why is it 75 degrees in here in this shed on the ONE day I decided to get stuff done? It was 29 degrees last night. Damn Carolina weather! holy shit holy shit holy shit)


And there you have it. I have to say - with the weather being cold and blah, it's tough to get outside to do the stuff that needs to be done, and there's only so much you can do from inside an Airstream with no internet connection. And then the weather turns warm for a day or two and your brain goes sixty million miles an hour in a frenzy to try to cram as much into the day as possible until you realize the day has passed and you've gotten a minute portion of what you wanted to do done, and and and.....

As my extremely level-headed man keeps telling me, winter's tough, and this winter in particular has been brutal. But all will work out in the end and spring will spring and once it has sprung I plan on being panicked for entirely different reasons. 

This cilantro plant is a freak of nature. It has been covered in ice multiple times and has endured temps in the teens  several nights in a row. Yet it still is putting out new growth. Holy buckets of freakshowness. 

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