Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Garden Update

I know. I stopped posting garden updates. The worst news is I even stopped taking weekly photos of each of the beds. (Yes. I did that for 12 weeks.) I kinda blame it on not going out to the manfriend's anymore - it used to be part of my weekly routine... clean (or pack - depending on who was going where), water garden, photograph garden, leave/wait for manfriend.

But let's face it. We all knew my keeping it up that long was miraculous...

Now I'm kind of in a weird place with the garden - most gardens around here are between plantings (although technically the fall plant date around here for many veggies is July 15th). My garden is strange in that some of it is more shaded, and so I have spring plants that are done, brassicas that are just getting ready, and fall plants I just planted. Never mind all the plants I thought we lost in the heat wave that have decided to bounce back. So. Lots of things in various stages going on.

Cowpeas. More specifically, Red Eye Peas. Even more specifically, YUMMY.

Okra flower. I love Okra flowers.

Wasn't sure these cabbages were ever going to start cupping. They were planted in February and it's now July, after all. But here they go!

My artichokes weren't mulched well enough when the heat hit, and they died down to nothing. I cleared the mulch away this morning to see if anything survived - and sure enough all 4 plants are sending up new growth!

Kamo Kamo squash, a New Zealand heirloom. It is absolutely edible in this green state as a summer squash, but as my neighbors have been keeping me supplied with summer squash, I'm leaving them to mature further and keep them as winter squash.

Kamo Kamo squash almost ready to be harvested as a winter squash.

Cayenne, baby. Cayenne.

Baby Sakata Sweet melon.

Eggplant that decided to germinate MUCH later than everyone else. Thai Round, either purple or green. Not sure.

Wave 2 of edamame - can you find it?

Baby blue corn (a gift from the Etsy seller I bought a bunch of my fall seeds from), baby cucumber (more of those Ruby Wallace Whites), and baby Genovese Basil.

Baby White Sugarlump Watermelon. Too cute, IMHO.

Mustard greens. I like to eat them as babies, too, so planted a lot so thinning can be tasty.


George and Kerri said...

I would like a jar of spicy pickled okra please. :)

Which brings a question. If you received some pepper seeds soon, would they have time to bare peppers before frost?


caitlinvb said...

We'll see how much okra I get out of those plants...although Mike doesn't like Okra, so....

There's probably enough time in NC and MD to grow peppers until the frost... you might have to cloche them at night in September. My concern would be if they would germinate in soil at 90 degrees.... hmmm. Worth an experiment!

Roxanne said...

everything is beautiful sweetie. your green thumb is showing! and all your hard work.