Monday, July 18, 2011

Flowers for Grammy

These cheerful smiling Dahlia faces are for my Grammy. Normally I would send her cut flowers, but this time around I'm posting a picture of the Dahlias that (inexplicably) make me think of her, and will save the tubers to replant next year. (I grew these from seed). So I can (inexplicably) think of her when I see them. Even though her favorites are Bachelor's Buttons.

So without further ado - for you Grammy, to brighten your day:

Keep smiling Grammy!
My favorite is the one trying to be seen in the back ...


Indiana said...

So beautiful and so thoughtful. As always very Caitlin like of you.

Love you Grammy!

Jennifer Fais said...

Isn't it funny what brings people to mind? I am so glad you are part of my family. Love, Jennie

caitlinvb said...

Thank you to both of you lovely ladies!

And it IS odd what brings people to mind - I didn't have a single memory of Grammy AND Dahlias. Not a one. And she confirmed today that she has never grown them. Must be because she used to feed my flower fairy habit when I was little :)