Saturday, April 21, 2012

Terrapins, yo.

There was a brief little stint here on this humble blog that my Lone Reader (Hi Mom!) will remember as 'the age of the terrapin' (here here here. For starters). We have turtles GALORE. They are everywhere. There's a big log in our Big Pond that they all sunbathe on, and as you walk down the drive to go to the pond, you can hear the plop plop plop! as they all dive in when they here you coming.

And I just made our fist sighting of the year. Welcome back terrapins!

About 8 inches long.


kerri said...

Fear the turtle!

Love them.

Jennifer Fais said...

Hey! Your mom is NOT your only reader!!! I know Noel and I and MY mom, (your Grammy) read your blog whenever you post it and we are so happy to keep up with everything that you do. BTW, how is the horseradish? I know we want to send you rhubarb, too!

quilt happy said...

we have a pond across the street and they sunbath on the bank all summer long

caitlinvb said...

hehe. I know... missing my mom right now as she's on a whirlwind European trip with my Dad for work/play... and she was the "Lone Reader" for so long :)

The horseradish is knee high... and one of the few things I planted the chickens DON'T eat. Thankfully!