Friday, April 06, 2012

Chickens. Class of 2012.

Oh yeah. I have been a way for quite a while, but in that time a LOT has happened. Most notably (cue audible groan from those I work with and speak to regularly - they are so tired of this topic!), we got more chickens.

If you remember, or even if you don't, we weren't planning on getting chickens last year. We were going to wait until this past spring to get some, and then through a weird turn of events we got 8, and then yet another 8. We gained another one from a friend, and lost a few a long the way. To heat, to the new dog, and to the knife. But currently we are holding strong at 9 from last year's batch.

This year, so far, I have the 9 chickens from last year, and 26 new little ones. Bringing the grand fowl total to THIRTY-FUCKING-FIVE chickens. (I have become the crazy chicken lady). I bought 20 chicks, and 6 were from a friend who needed to re-home some itty bitty little red pullets.

The original 20
I bought:
15 Silver-laced Wyandottes
5 Australorps. (the same as our rooster Dexter)
 We had wanted to get some Americaunas and the store thought they still had some, but by the time we go there they thought they were out. I do have 2 chicks that are most certainly NOT silver-laced Wyandottes, and so maybe just maybe they're Americaunas. And even if they're not, it will be exciting to see what they end up being.

Look at those puffy (Americauna-esque?) bearded cheeks!
And definite brown coloring...  
 They were inside for about a week, but then the rubbermaid got a bit small for all 26 of them so we moved them to the brooder. They are all running around zooming this way and about having a great day. They are already taking dust baths in the pine shavings, and stomping on each other's heads. 

Hesitant about taking that first foray into the outside world
Two seconds later they ZOOMED about.
Meanwhile, the original 9 are up to their usual antics:

Dustbaths in MY garden bed.
Their camouflage SUCKS.

We had hoped to add 6 -8 laying hens to our flock (taking into consideration the fact that we'd probably lose a few to heat, etc, and that we'd be planning on eating the cockerels out of the bunch), but we shall see what happens. Especially with the addition of the 6 pullets... Ah well, we shall see. The surprise is most of the fun!


elizabethfais said...

You have WAY more chickens than I have cats (15!), so I'm feeling *normal* again. Thank you for that! :-D

caitlinvb said...

Anytime :)

Samantha Bangayan said...

Aww! TOO cute! =)

The Japanese Redneck said...

We need to add some hens, but am too afraid I'll end up with more roos.

hubby would eat them, me not too crazy about the idea.

They are cuties.