Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Amazing Eastern Box Turtle

OK. So the proof that these guys are amazing is currently somewhere buried in the giant stack of magazines and notebooks and seed catalogs and the like on my windowsill, and of course now that I want to find it to reference it, I can't find it. BUT. There's an article in Grit, or Hobby Farm, or some such magazine called 'Turtle Popsicles' and I had to read it (for obvious reasons). The article goes on to explain that in the first year of their life only, eastern box turtles literally freeze their first winter - and then come back to life again in the spring. Subsequent years they hibernate and they have an anti-freeze like substance in their bloodstream, and this fact alone I find cool.

This property is covered in turtles. When you walk to the pond and you come up alongside the water, you can hear a 'plop plop plop' as they all dive in the water off their sunning spots. I see various turtles along my driveway and along the road. If this place hadn't already been named when I got here (and maybe if the Grateful Dead hadn't taken the word 'terrapin' as their own), they would be referenced in the name of this place.

As it is, I will continue to move them out of my way as I roar down my driveway...!

Trundling across the garden...

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