Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cheepy Video

This is the first time I put anything green in the chick's run. Last year's batch was wary and afraid of the first green thing I chucked in with them, at about the same age ( a very scary cabbage leaf). These (mostly) wyandottes are a whole different story! You can clearly see the difference in size between the batch I bought and the batch of RIR's given to me by my buddy, and I think it clearly showcases what a difference a week makes in the growth of a chick!

Guest appearances by (in order of said appearance): The Greenery, weeds pulled from the garden; Red, the rooster that was spared this past weekend by our lives being too busy; Henrietta, the prodigal hen that should need no introduction; and Zora, the ever-lanky guard German Shepherd.

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