Monday, April 16, 2012


Little baby chicks are the cutest thing ever. Seriously. They're tiny little cheep cheep cheeping balls of fluffy down. They have their little feet that stick out at a roguish angle, and they look at you with their teensy little faces....

And then they start putting on feathers. They double in size in about a week and a half, and their feathers come in in sheathes... so they look like they have weird colored needles sticking out of their bodies some places, with scraggly bits of down hanging on in others, and full feathers in yet other places. To sum up - they look awkward. They start CHEEP CHEEP CHEEPing, and zooming around while doing so. They start taking dust baths in their pine shavings, and pounce on anything that moves (sometimes their flockmates' heads).

And it's only gonna get worse before it gets better.... I LOVE MY CHICKENS!

Adding to the awkwardness is the excitement over what this mystery chick will turn out to look like!

Wyandottes, mystery chicks, Australorps & RIR's...

HEALTHY Rhode Island Red.  Yup.

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