Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Belated Epiphany

So... As you know, the clothesline is king around here. I am proud to admit that a) the manfriend brought a dryer when he moved in with me (whoopee!), b) it has never been used (or plugged in*), and c) I have solved the single most annoying laundry conundrum I have had my entire laundry doing life: the single sock issue.

Oh? You didn't want to read a blog post about single socks? Ptooey.

Contrary to popular belief, single socks do not have their own planet that they disappear to.** And crafty as I may be, I do not have a single sock hamper or any such nonsense. I don't have the time, space, or energy, frankly.

I had a sock related epiphany recently and am proud enough of it to share. Also I thought it'd be a nice break from a chicken blogpost :)

So what I do is... I hang up the socks on the clothesline in pairs. I don't bother rooting around in the hamper among the wet clothes for matches, I just hang up single socks on the line and match as I go. Then when I take in the clean clothes....wait for it....WAIT FOR IT....

I leave the unmatched singles outside on the line.

This way when I next do a load of laundry, any single sock in the hamper has a chance to meet its match up on the line. Oddly enough this has greatly reduced the number of single socks I have been stuck with. As in I now I have a single sock every other load or so. (I know. Mind blowing.) This is awesome as well as I have a 7 year old that has the habit of taking his socks off every- and any- where. While I know he owns maybe a gazillion pairs, this helps ensure that every lost sock he owns has a pair :)

Obviously this also means that I am OK with my socks staying out in a rain shower or two, but honestly I can only imagine that the sun and rain do nothing but help our assortment of sports socks that get some pretty heavy wear. 

Yet another upside to this method is that I do not spend copious amounts of time sitting on the floor surrounded by a pile of socks trying to match them while TV's, DS's, laptops, child, roosters, chickens, dogs and whatnot are blaring in the background on the equivalent of a Sunday night on the equivalent of no sleep.

It's the little things!

That little guy met his match in the next load.
* it lives in the barn as a storage vessel



The Japanese Redneck said...

Well, that sure works.

we have singles cause the mate gets a hole in them

I use hubbies long tube socks as tail holders for my show horse

helps keep it clean and untangled.

also use them for putting cat nip fur kids luv that

caitlinvb said...

I've been known to use the tops as cozies on mason jars when I run out of coffee cups:) Ours gets holes in them too, but both usually wear out at the same time, so it doesn't matter so much. And all of mine are the same kind from WalMart so they match easier anyway :)