Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Amazing Eastern Box Turtle - Part Two

I am NOT a turtle person. I promise. I realize that this is contrary to my current posting trend, but I can't help it. It's like I live on terrapin alley or something.

Walking down my driveway back from my neighbor's today, I found a box turtle. A little one. I stooped down and took its picture.

Trundle trundle trundle
And then I picked her up. (It had brown eyes. According to wikipedia, that means it's most likely a female box turtle). And then my mind was blown.

I knew that they were called box turtles because they could close their shells and resemble closed boxes. Fine. That sounds great.

But when I picked it up, it pulled its head and legs in, and then with a squeak (like air being forced out - which it probably was) its bottom shell (the plastron, if you will) hinges and it closes up tight. Dude. So cool.

Closed up tight.

It has a HINGE. So incredibly cool.
I think I'm turning into a turtle person.


Jennifer Fais said...

That is pretty darned neat and well worth another posting. I don't think anyone will count it against you if you are a turtle person.

Kerri said...

Turtles are awesome! Especially sea turtles, which you probably won't see on your property.

I've even stopped traffic numerous times to assist turtles across the street.

caitlinvb said...

They are SO cool! I got to see sea turtles hatching out at Myrtle Beach back in high school. They were pretty awesome...

And it makes me cringe when I see them hit on the road. And I recently clipped one myself (it went flying like 20 ft. I DID stop to see if it was OK, and it was...) and felt horrible. Why they INSIST on trundling across the road, I will never understand....

Turtles don't walk. They trundle.

Samantha Bangayan said...

You're convincing me to a turtle person too!! Amazing shots! =)

caitlinvb said...

Thanks Sam! My iPhone 4 takes great pictures :)