Saturday, February 05, 2011

Organizational Spasm

In all my panicking this winter, I felt like I HAD to do something constructive to keep from going insane. This winter is sucking, and there's only so much I can do yet.

So I decided to make the shed more usable and a home to my little seedlings that I hope to get started soon.

For the past several months, the shed has been used to house everything, and pretty much everything lived on the floor.

No longer!

Where the baby plants will go. Recognize those futons?

The other side.  *shudder*

I got those puppies up there by myself. Woot.

Grow lights!

All sheds need a little bit of kitsch, no?

As well as relics of the past, covered in mud from the present.


samb said...

omg! this makes me feel so productive and fresh just looking at the before and after pictures! =P

caitlinvb said...

So glad! It made me feel productive, too. By now it's been taken over by the seed-planting genies :) A good thing!