Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Beloved Tin Can

Several people have asked me what it's like living in an Airstream. If you've never been in an RV or a boat cabin, it's kind of hard to describe. And if I can't describe it, you can't imagine it.

Thankfully, some dude made a video on YouTube that is a little walk through of the exact year, make & model of Airstream as my beloved Melvin. Melvin is a little bit more beat up here and there, but is still in great shape (to the eye. Some of the water systems etc are having issues....) So. If you'd like to attempt to wrap your head around what I call home, knock yourself out:

And keep in mind, it's 31ft long. The whole thing.

I love mine, and I have yet to meet (or hear of) an Airstream owner that doesn't.


samb said...

It looks SO COZYY! =) You should make a video of yours - I'm sure it has a different feel. =)

caitlinvb said...

I suppose cozy is one way of looking at it :) Mine does have a different feel - slightly more lived in and slightly more....packed with stuff. I do love my Melvin so!