Thursday, October 14, 2010


The past few days have been a whirlwind. To say the lest. Clearing, Dad coming back to join the workforce after a 4 day absence, shed delivery, well depth measuring, rickety compost container construction, shopping, shopping, shopping..... The fun out at Stoney Haw never ever ceases.

Possibly the most exciting event of the week was getting that shed delivered. We've had it for a whopping 24hours now, and it has already weathered a thunderstorm and many a brag-laden tour just beautifully. We got it from a local(ish) company* located in Yanceyville, about 21 or 22 miles north of where we are. I guess that it used to be a thriving Amish community and has always had a very solid bunch of shed makers, etc, there. Alas the Amish community has weakened there, but good shed builders are still doing business. Lucky for us!

Getting the shed in the drive was a much easier process than the trailer....which you would think would cut down on the fun factor, but amazingly didn't :) It took just the one truck and maybe 20 minutes to get it all in (once we went and got the blocks we didn't have to put it on....). We love it. We put all of our equipment in it pronto - and a good thing too, as the sky opened up at about 4am this morning and unloaded about 2 inches of rain on us in under an hour. I haven't been in thunder and lightening since before I moved out to California 8 years ago, and Zora has never heard thunder! But our beloved tin can proved to be watertight, as did our shed - and we are literally (still) happy campers.

The turn and back down the drive process was so totally NOT a problem this time. Yay!

My cousin, dad, and the dogs look on in approval.

Conveniently located in front of the airstream. But now no one gleams at me as I pull into the driveway at night :(

Another coup this week was getting the path for the power line that mostly my mom and I cleared while my Dad was in the north white flagged by the energy company. Now we just have to get one more 100 ft or so stretch cleared by about midweek tomorrow and then we sit and wait for the tractor to come in and lay and bury our power lines. Yay!

These little guys everywhere are a GOOD thing.

Power also means running water - finally! Pulling water up hand over hand is all very well and fine, but I'll be happy to have a pump doing that for me. And getting a pump and tank is next on the list! After the well pump there's no stopping me. I will have running water, hot water, a SHOWER (not that I don't love our solar shower, but it's not excruciatingly hot everyday anymore...). It's gonna be awesome.

Meanwhile fall is falling in full blown force here - this week is supposed to cruise through in the 70's - a far cry from the 95 degree days we were having while doing aforementioned clearing. And you can't look in any one direction without seeing something of astonishing beauty out on the property. We have been working hard and going to bed exhausted everyday - and it is so goddamn worth it just to get the few breathtaking moments a day that catch me by surprise every single time.

These guys stand at the entrance to the property as you come in my driveway. Those are grapevines, btw.

Yeah - even the poison ivy is gorgeous this time of year.

Zora taking an afternoon dip in the lake.

A great spot to drink your morning coffee :)

*we bought our shed from Carolina Sheds in Yanceyville, NC. They are awesome, and are listed, but have no website.


Malia said...

Cool, cool, cool, SO COOL!!!
Can't wait to visit :D

samb said...

How exciting to see it all coming together!! =)

caitlinvb said...

Believe me, it's exciting to see it come together from this end, too! All are welcome to visit anytime;)