Saturday, February 12, 2011

Zelda Cake of Awesomeness

As many of you may or may not know, I LOVE making cakes. I do. I can't help it. It's like playing with play dough that you get to EAT. It's awesome.

Mike's favorite video game is The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past.

(Pause for dramatic effect and for the man to stop wanting to kill me for blogging that).

When I was in elementary school, Nintendo decided to blow the roof off the video game industry and change the face of home entertainment forever (IMHO). In 1992, when Link to the Past was released, I was living in the seat of Nintendo geekdom: Japan. We were not allowed to get a Nintendo. Not when they came out when I was in the 3rd or 4th grade, not after I moved to Japan in 1990. I hold my mother responsible for my awkward social engagements later on in life when I desperately tried to get OUT of playing video games in a group setting - if you didn't play as a kid, there is no way you could keep up by the time I was in College. So. Thanks for that mom. But here I go off on a tangent.

Mike had a birthday a few weeks ago and all I wanted to do was make him a really cool Zelda cake. I schlepped all the supplies over here to his and everything. And then I succumbed to the sickness. It sucked, and to make matters worse I couldn't make the cake.

This past week, I decided that I was feeling better and that since I was coming out here this weekend, I'd surprise him with a cool Zelda cake. I had asked a bunch of my friends for input on the Link to the Past specifics, and I send out a big THANK YOU! to them.

Not bad for an Airstream creation, methinks.

He liked it. Or at least he had the decency to lie and say he did. (Also important)

I could literally sit and watch the mixer spin for hours.

I have major issues with Valentine's Day (usually I'm single and not happy about it), and so I decided to make this cake do double duty as a Valentine's Day cake as well as a belated birthday cake.

Nice crumb on this one.

We ignore the bumps as the buttercream and I had been fighting.

Many a food coloring was harmed in the making of this cake.

I really felt that it needed a lake. Especially since my dog's name is Zora

And it HAD to have a treasure chest, no?

Shrubbery and texture detail. I had 2 kinds of cobblestone and brick on this puppy.

The topper. In all of it's "doofy" tree glory.

Almost done... just needs the tree and shields on top.

Crystals, Super Bomb, Zora flipper

Bow and Arrow, Crystals

Pegasus Boot, Boomerang, ubiquitous Crystals

Heart Piece. Yet another goddamn Crystal.

Recovery Heart, Crystal (ugh), Fire Rod

Fire Rod, Crystal (how many of those ARE there?!?!), Super Bomb

Finished cake with super wiggles waiting patiently to tear into it.

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