Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Weather and Watering

When planning my garden, watering was a big issue. My garden is a good ways from Melvin. Like 150ft? 200ft? I dunno, I grew up with the metric system.

Anyhoo - this is where my whole "how the hell am I gonna keep this thing watered?" issue came in.

In planning on moving to North Carolina, weather was a bit of an issue. As in "how the hell am I gonna survive the summer?".

Yeah. And then this year happened. First a record breaking cold winter,  a rainy-yet-somehow-non-existent spring, and now record breaking heat.

And somehow the watering issue has become more of a comfort. I abandoned my ideas of some sort of pump system to get water out of the lake, or a drip irrigation system, and I now water it by hand. And it's perfect. I get to visit each and every plant, and I feel like even if I don't know how to FIX anything (still learning!) I can at least monitor things with each and every one of my plants.

And as this is my first year out here, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Lush enough, no?


George and Kerri said...

There's a lot to be said for being connected to what you are doing. :)

caitlinvb said...

There is. And I am always horrified at just HOW disconnected many are. I've overheard kids in the supermarket not knowing that a tomato is what is in their spaghetti, to the kid at Tractor Supply that was looking at the chicks for sale and was flabbergasted when her mom told her they'd get eggs from the chicken when it grew up...only for the kid to say "chicken tenders come from somewhere else, though, right?". She was maybe 8? I've retreated to regroup, and hand watering is the PERFECT place for me right now. Soapboxes can be kinda high to try to climb up on to...

Jennifer Fais said...

I have been marveling at your garden and commend you for your dedication to hand watering. A slight modification might be to get a small pump to pump it to your bucket so 1) you can still say HI to each plant but 2) you don't have to walk so far! (This is an old person talking!) Really, Noel and I rigged up a small pump in his creek one very dry summer so that we wouldn't run his well dry. It was a trip to hear the water rushing through the pipe to us. I felt like I was in a developing country and had just brought fresh water to the village. Really fun!

caitlinvb said...

I wrote a whole big reply and IT DIDN'T POST. ACK! Anyway - I DO have a mower that I haul water with, so at least I don't have to carry 30 gallons of water several hundred feet each time I want to water the garden.... Mike and I kept toying with the notion of installing a pump or doing a pump/trailer for the mower or something (and getting water out of the lake) - but being unemployed and broke myself, any tiny bit of money going out seems daunting to me...soon!