Saturday, June 04, 2011


Say that word too many times, and it just sounds weirder and weirder...

I put together a roost for the chickens. They needed something to...well...roost on. I really didn't want to buy anything, and I am proud to say the whole thing - in its rickety entirety - was made out of things we already had. Woot.

It still needs some cross braces for some extra support (I expect to walk in one of these mornings to find it fallen over, but anyhoo...), but for now it'll do.

These will now become a roost. Muahahaha.
See it yet?
How about now?
OK. Fine. There you go. The finished product (cross braces pending)
*sigh* currently they have to talk to each other through screen and chicken wire.


Malia said...

It's so big already!

You're SO NOT gonna be able to eat these, Caitlin.

caitlinvb said...

Oh don't you worry - I will :) and WHEN you FINALLY come visit me, you will too!

Samantha Bangayan said...

What an adorable photo of Zora and chicken! =) I'm loving all these developments, Caitlin! Wish I could live around turtles, chickens and growing veggies all the same place. =P