Saturday, May 28, 2011

Week 10

So I keep meaning to post some update pictures, but I keep getting distracted by other things. So here you go. The last one I posted was Week 2. This is week 10. Oops.

Baby Japanese cucumber

One of my seven raised beds. This one houses my (unfortunately shade-prone) tomatoes, lettuce, onions and squash.

Another showy bed. Home to: popcorn, cabbage, Chiogga beets, borage, chives, amaranth, orach, okra, thai basil, pinto beans, and nasturtiums.

Pole beans, cowpeas, okra, peppercress (currently setting seeds - yay!), Genovese basil, zataar oregano, green shiso, purple shiso, dahlias, melon, marigolds, and a baby kamo kamo squash plant.

Bonango Bateson! No longer a stick!

Marigolds are blooming.

I swear the calla lilies I thought weren't going to come up have come up and flowered in less than a month.


Green and purple shiso! And Zataar oregano from seed...

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George and Kerri said...

Can I have dibs on a few ears of corn! That is so much better than any store bought popcorn that it's not even the same food.