Thursday, May 05, 2011

(Yet Another) Organizational Spasm

I have been getting tired of this jumble of planters and plants that I’ve got going on by the side of my shed. The inside of the shed and its constant lack of organization drives me nuts, but at least I know where everything is and at the end of the day I can close my door on it and not have to look at the jumbled heap of (mostly) crap.
The side of the shed where planters seem to go to die, however, is a different story. It is the first thing I see when I wake up and look out the window (except not right now as I gave my mother that bunk, so now she gets to look at the heap. Hehe), and I pass by it every time I leave the camper to go…anywhere.
I had some extra wildflowers and nasturtiums and poppies and calendulas and the like, so I finally decided to put them in the self-watering planters my cousin gave me. I’m also growing a lavender plant from seed (dude. Buy a plant. So much easier and in this instance I will NOT call it cheating), and Nesbitt (the grape) and Figgy (the fig) are still over there in pots waiting to get put in the ground (which I haven’t cleared yet. But I picked out a great slop for the grapes/orchard…WHY do I ADD to my to-do list instead of subtract??). Add a half a bag of topsoil, shovels, a random Rubbermaid lid…you get the idea.
Remember the beehive I built (update coming soon!)? Or am 99% done with anyway? If you remember I cut out enough pieces for 2 hives, but only built one…so I’m repurposing the side planks I cut out of plywood and some extra furring strips into two staggered shelves to hold my planters and whatnot over against the side of the shed.
I rock.
I even had left over butcher block oil (but of course not quite enough and had to go get more to finish said project. Sigh…) to use on them, so very happy with myself indeed.
Before. Blech.

Side plank for beehive number 2 which has yet to built. Really it's just been floating around the shed and trying to trip me when my hands are too full to turn on the light.

Ditto, top bars. I cut come down to 8 inches, so we get two shelves staggered in height.

Pre-drilling is the only way to go with shitty plywood. Even if it is pine and only 3/4 inch thick.

Building by yourself? No vice? Co clamps? No workspace? No patience? No one will see it anyway? Staple before screwing the top on!

Waiting to be bathed in oil.



Roxanne said...
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Roxanne said...

yes, you rock. you rock and roll. you rock and rock and continue to be the best show in town! i love your blog and your keeping us up to date and your finding all manner of weird and lovely stuff on your piece of heaven. and someday i want to meet george and kerri who are VERY handy to have out there in cyberspace!

Love you, oh extra-ordinary goddaughter of mine!

George and Kerri said...

Nicely done, as usual. :)

caitlinvb said...

Thanks guys! I love it that you read my ramblings ;) we will have to have a harvest party or something. Ooh! A harvest/birthday/camping party!! Wheels. Spinning ;)