Monday, October 18, 2010

Neverending Tree Clearing

So.... the past few days (OK, I did take the weekend off. Which was awesome. 2 days of play and rest!) have been nothing but tree clearing. We still have massive amounts of thinning we have to do to maintain the health of the trees we have (40 acres of overgrown trees is a LOT!), but have been mainly focusing on getting the 600ft of service path cleared for our electric line. I *think* (I hope I hope!) we're mostly there, and can take a mini break from massive tree genocide. We did zigzag the path a little bit to avoid the big trees and did our best to get all the other dead trees out at the same time. All in all pretty proud of us!

To get the truck over there, my dad just drove over the trees. Because The Beast can do that (and boy do I wish I had it on video!!)

Dad operating the winch. Notice the cigarette-laden loving hand on the hood of the truck....

Our driveway pretty much looks like this up and down the way....

Next up: take all those felled trees and trim them down to firewood size and get stacking!

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