Saturday, October 09, 2010

More on my car

I talk about my car a lot. I know this. But my little urban go-getter has a new purpose in life. We have been using it to haul the wood we've cut down. And boy is it coming in handy. Esmeralda, I love you.

The next batch was full of HUGE logs!

We did notice that we had a persimmon tree on the property. Granted we noticed this *after* we cut it down, but dagnammit it's fall and many of these non-coniferous trees are looking the same. Having grown up in Japan, I have a super soft spot for persimmons, even if American persimmons and Japanese persimmons are kind of like apples and oranges. I would someday like to have an orchard on the property (I've got a spot picked out and everything) and I'd like to do native fruits as well. So. Just in case they're salvagable - I kept the few persimmons that were on the poor tree we cut down, and am curing/drying them as we speak. One day, if I get them to grow, my grandchildren *might* get fruit.

Nice huh? Each fruit was about the size of a quarter.

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