Friday, October 22, 2010

State Fair!

My mom and I took a day off from the daily grind of chainsawing and stacking (report to come!), and we spent an afternoon at the NC state fair. My mom, having lived outside of the US for 25 or so years of her adult life, has not been to a state fair in AGES. To say that we had fun would be an understatement. We had OODLES of fun!

As usual, food was a big factor for me, but we went right after lunch and so we only ate: corn dogs, (an) elephant ear, and ears of roasted corn. Also fresh lemonade. We did not delve into the deep-fried candy bars, deep fried mac and cheese, pig lickers (chocolate covered bacon), or the funnel cakes, cotton candy, giant turkey drum stick related food adventures. All of the pictures of me eating things are obscene and or obnoxious, and so I'll just leave you with the following images:

Donkey Butts!

Baby Donkey!

All of the sections of the flower and garden show were sponsored by some nursery or other. However, for some reason plastic flamingos invaded this particular plot....

I want this chair.

Behind the blacksmith's was a lonely little tobacco plant.... I kind of wanted to take it home with me....

Did I take any pictures of the vendors, attractions, rides, people, craziness in general? No. I like to focus on the little things :)

It's back to the grindstone as of today - and progress is being made! Woot!

Update on winter garden plot soon.....

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