Thursday, October 07, 2010

New form of Jello

Yes. That's right. There's a new brand of Jello out there. My arms. No. Seriously.

Mom. My arms hurt.
Wait - this photo was taken before I cut any of the bigger ones down....

In an attempt to get electricity out on the property sooner rather than later, my mom and I are starting the job of clearing a 10ft wide path parallel to the driveway for the electrical lines to be sunk into while my dad is away up north. He's gone for 4 days, and we decided that was a substantial enough amount of time, and we did not want to delay the process up that much.

Our routine thus far was this: my father dropped stuff with a chainsaw, my mom and I sawed/lopped off the smaller stuff and hauler everything away. Seriously that worked perfectly for me.

But today my mom and I got to chainsawing. I hope that I last a scooch longer tomorrow!

Horrible form. No way around it. I suffer from severe shortness and that baby cedar was bushy.

Better form. Chigger-getting form.

Now obviously all of this hard work must be fueled by something. and we wouldn't be who we are if we weren't eating well. My great-aunt gave us a fire pit, we brought our Coleman stove and the trailer has a propane stove in it - so we've been doing pretty well in that department.

Spare ribs, yellow squash, salad.

My dad made cornbread in the new cast iron dutch oven sunk in the ashes of our fire. It was tasty.

Zora approves of the menu.

All in all, not a bad way to spend a day.

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