Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Last year, winter sucked. It was cold, frozen, snowy, and really really cold.

This year, we are having a bit of a respite from the whole 'winter' thing, and even if I have just jinxed it, we have had such a mild time thus far that I am grateful. And as it's mid-January, we only have so much more to go!

(and cue panic! MUST GET SEEDS SOWN!)

The sun is shining, giving the illusion that my laundry will dry quickly:

And the DAFFODILS are coming up:

It's like this all over the property...
...with more on the way!
And I must say, the chickens are LOVING the nice weather:

Red. Posing. It's his new thing.


Jennifer Fais said...

That sounds like a fine resolution and I bet it is well appreciated. You are a good and loving soul, Caitlin, and I am honored that you are part of my family.

Malia said...

I agree with Jennie's comment, although you totally jinxed the weather. First snow storm of the season as we speak!