Friday, January 20, 2012

Breakfast for Dinner

Even though the chickens have slowed down a bit in their laying, we have managed to amass 2 dozen eggs. I don't get enough reliably to try to sell any, but with our oversleeping and not being home for breakfast a lot recently, we have a big of an excess. And while fresh eggs last a loooong time, real estate is at a premium around here so they must get eaten.

And sometimes breakfast for dinner is awesome. But I wanted to get in some veggies. So I made a compromise and made a frittata (of sorts) with spinach and peas in it...with a side of hash browns and pork jowl bacon. So happy!

Eggs. I ended up using 8. I adjust according to how much filling I have.

Even with crappy lighting, you can tell these eggs are beautiful.


I finally learned how to make them well. Thanks for the inspiration Indy!

Spinach, peas, onions.

Frittata, hash browns, jowl bacon. Yum.


Malia said...

That looks amazing! The eggs ARE beautiful, and yes, those are the best hash browns! YUMM!!

Laurie said...

My mouth is watering...

Laurie said...

My mouth is watering...