Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Continues

...and winter continues. It's amazing that it's hitting me so hard, but wow. I have lived in places with 'seasons' and some of those places had REAL winter (CT, MN, you know who you are....), but coastal California just managed to sap the notion of seasons right out of me. And then I got to North Carolina and good grief this winter we're getting slammed.

But productivity also continues....slow as it may be, and slower though it may seem....

Granddaddy's shed is coming down....almost finished now...

Most of the shed wood was too rotten to keep, and it got 'repurposed' as heat.

I got iced in.

What do I do when I'm iced in? Make pasta, evidently.

Zora also remains productive in her capacity as guard dog. She lets me know someone's here by exuberantly showing them in.

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