Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh Snot Juice! I Haven’t Forgotten You!

People used to always remark on the large jar of strange brown liquid that occupied a very prominent shelf in my kitchen in my beloved cabin in Point Arena. At the restaurant I had a pet sourdough starter, after the restaurant I had a pet Kombucha SCOBY.
I had to give up my beloved SCOBY when I left – I was in transition and hanging out in Vancouver BC with my family for a few weeks, and then after that I was driving across country, so not the most SCOBY friendly of situations.
Not long after my arrival in NC, my previous employer hooked me up with a new SCOBY, and now it occupies a prominent shelf in, of all places, my Airstream bathroom. It’s the biggest shelf I have, it’s out of the way, and it gets the most sun (read: it's often the warmest spot in the camper....I do NOT advocate direct sunlight on your Kombucha....that would be bad.). It’s perfect.
I’ve just made my second batch (the first batch took FOREVER as it was rarely over 35 degrees in there. But nope. Didn’t kill it!), and am happy to be reunited with my beloved Kombucha. I’ve got extra. Come on over.

Patient not-so-little SCOBY patiently waiting for new tea to live in.

New tea, new SCOBY, new awesomeness 

Old kombucha, waiting to start off the new batch....
Bottled kombucha. Sitting out for 2 days to get all carbonated and yummy. I use that particular brand of beer bottle for my ginger beer, too....yummmm....ginger beer. Gotta get on that. I see a lot of Dark 'n' Stormy's in my future this summer...

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