Monday, March 07, 2011

Garden Update

While I am still having crazy nightmare/panic attacks about the fact that I might not be able to get anything to grow and I’ll be out here hungry as well as broke, I have things sprouting!
I’m up to 3 flats of seeds trays, all planted at different times, but things seem to be coming along nicely (knocking on wood). Excited!
Little tender seedlings. So effing cute.
And I finished the beds! Now they just need to be leveled, filled, and planted. I think I have them all arranged where I want them….. I think. 

Not shown: the other one made out of new lumber. They have since been rearranged with the help of the man and the man-cousin.
More exciting things to come!

1 comment:

Indiana said...

I know it doesn't look like much to most people, but wow, looking good Caitlin!

I am goign to try to make it out here with mom when she drives out East in April... But I might have to turn around at syracuse in order to get back to Vancouver in time to get on my flight to MEXICO :D