Sunday, March 16, 2014

Holiday Layaway Plan

With housebuilding, working, 3 kids to shop for, etc, etc, by the time Thanksgiving and Christmas roll around the thought of shelling out some serious dough for a bird for the table just seems to hard to do.

This year, I'm going with a layaway plan:
Baby Turkeys. Cute. For now.
Four baby turkeys. I only wanted 3 but the nice young man at Southern States held them for me and I couldn't help but feel bad to leave him with just one.

And before you get all "oh but they're so cute and if you name them you can't eat them" and blah blah blah on me, yes they have names, and YES we will eat them. Their name are: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Alternate-In-Case-We-Fuck-Up, and.... (wait for it)... Bob. Everyone should have a turkey named Bob.

Since I was firing up the brooder anyway, I got 8 Easter Eggers:
Baby Easter Eggers. Floooooofy.
The child put them in their new home:
Hard at work
The two groups are mingling fine and getting along well!
And for no reason at all:
Mr Snarkles!
Oddly looking forward to the holidays this year!


Jennie said...

Always good to plan ahead!

The JR said...

I'm down to one hen. I might have to get some Easter chicks too.

h patton said...

I'm really into the Cheerio that has attached itself to Mr Snarkle's face!