Friday, March 21, 2014


Our chickens bring us such joy. We love them so very much. Even the ones we ended up eating.

A few days ago, we came home to a gruesome sight - most of the 'pet' flock lay dead in our yard. 7 of the ten were gone.

We *think* it was foxes. Or maybe a neighbor's dog. It wasn't ours... they were tied up at the time... just out of reach to save them.

We still have a flock up top in the meadow. We still have the 8 babies and 4 turkeys. We still have Waddly Wanda, Mystery, and our Silke rooster Fluffernutter.

But we lost two of the original girls that I got oh so long ago, on sale, my first spring here. We lost Cindy.

And we lost Henrietta.

We miss our chickens :(

Henrietta, poised.

When she was all molty and having issues, we gave her an epsom salt bath and got to spend the night inside with us. She even got blow-dried.

Henrietta was a great companion while I waited for Mr Snarkles to arrive. (Those are my really pregnant feet)

The morning I went into real labor, I walked up by the meadow with my mom and the meadow was covered in beautiful mist... and chickens.

No matter how many times Mr Snarkles yanked on her feathers or her comb, she never pecked him. Not once.

Fast friends.

Cindy indignant stare while she molted was quite the thing...
Awkward stage...

Lookout scouts.

Henrietta looking for Mike. Per usual.

The first few weeks of her laying life, she would only lay eggs on the couch...

...and I would come home to this...

... and sometimes this.


Jennie said...

So sorry about your chickens. We got to meet Henrietta and agree that she was quite a bird. May new Henriettas waltz into your life and make you happy.

The JR said...

How awful. I'm so sorry.

What an amazing hen. I know she is going to be sorely missed.

Roxanne Hewitt said...

I'm really sorry, Caitlin. Nature sure sucks sometimes. Love you.