Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A Very Manly Birthday

A Happy Birthday to the Manfriend!

Poor guy. Last year he got an awesome (ifImaysaysomyself) Zelda cake that shall go down in the Stoneyhaw annals of cakes as legendary.

This year he got responsibility, work, and no cake (yet. Jury's still out).

When I was little, birthdays were magical things. Mine happened to be at the end of the summer, and my parents usually took the opportunity to throw a big party and invite all their friends and co-workers (I remember the year I was old enough to think "wait. What?! It's MY birthday! Why am I only allowed 5 friends?!?!"). There was always grilling, beer, outside running around, and general fun. My seventh birthday was 'at the farm' at The Forman School, and I got a kitten, and there was volleyball. Seventh? May have been sixth. I forget. I was itty bittier than I am now (please no short jokes). And that was just the birthdays we were in town. More often than not we were off on a (camping) trip somewhere on the east coast... Anyway I digress...

I never did understand why my parents didn't make a bigger fuss on their own birthdays. Birthdays are magical! was about as far as my little brain got. And while I still fundamentally believe that, it gets harder and harder every year to get excited about my own birthday, and easier and easier to give in to being too tired or broke or disinterested to do anything.

I felt bad as I sent my sniffly man off to work this morning on his birthday, with him not quite feeling himself and me not quite feeling myself, although mine was due to my lack of having done much special for him.

I told the spawn this morning it was his Daddy's birthday (see? more ineptitude...should have had a secret plan. ugh. I'll get there...) and his eyes lit up. Possibly not for quite the reasons I was expecting:

"February 1st is my dad's birthday? Woohoo! It'll be MY birthday soon!"

"your birthday is in 5 months, little man"

"5 months and 7 days, hippie!"

And then he proceeded to stare off into the not-as-distant future presumably imagining the magicalness of his coming birthday. Good grief I love this kid.

And despite my ineptitude at having David-involved birthday-related activities planned for him, I do sincerely wish my man a very happy birthday.

Family walk to the pond in the sunshine.


Jennie Fais said...

Happy Birthday, Manly Man! You are so lucky to have Caitlin!

caitlinvb said...

Thanks Jennie. He was luckier last year when he got a cake! This year he got a horrible cold, and a teensy tiny cake. We'll see what Valentine's Day has in store for him!