Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

*please note I never liked Mr Rogers, I do not condone the watching of said show, and he creeped me out as a kid. That said, dude had a damn good catch phrase!

October is officially my favorite month in my new adopted home state. It has its rainy moments (and fabulous thunderstorms!), but it's also got beautiful glorious clear sunshine with no oppressive heat or humidity at times - when being out in the sun is hot and being in the shade is cold. Like it should be! When jeans and flip flops is perfect attire, and you can never decide between a light long sleeved shirt, or a short sleeved one...

And October carries fabulous reminders of why I moved here (harvest season!), and why I love to stay (it's beautiful!)...

And October brings on that feeling of fall and with fall comes nostalgia...something I borderline OD on in general, and pair that with the fact that I arrived and set the Stoneyhaw adventure into full swing in October, and you've got a fatal combination culminating in...


Classified as 'invasive'. Not this little guy. The flower is maybe an inch in diameter... in the leaves on the ground among the blueberry bushes...

Post exercise.

"I am cute. Give me food."

New Stoneyhaw residents as of today - Dominiques! Finally!

One of the Hampies.

Upper (or 'big') Meadow - if we can get the irrigation thing sorted out, the garden will make up part of it next year.

More of the upper meadow.

Lower (or 'small') meadow as seen from the big one. Future home of goats.

Golf ball. Egg.

We carved a pumpkin. Woot.

Damn idiot chicken on the outhouse. Err, deer blind.


Steve said...

Oh how I miss October on the East coast. My favorite month anywhere in the world. Despite loving Portland, the constant soggy mess I'm living in right now just doen't compare.

caitlinvb said...

Yeah - my mom is having a tough time this year. Evidently Vancouver (BC) had like 5 days of sunshine this year. Her BEETS didn't make it in her garden... that bad!