Friday, April 15, 2011

A Word About Me. And Water Heaters

A thought struck me the other day.  When I first moved into my beloved cabin in Point Arena eight years ago (EIGHT!), my water heater also had issues*. At first it seemed to work OK, but after a while it became apparent that it didn’t work right. After a little longer while I realized that if I hit the reset button approximately 2 to 3 hours before I wanted to shower I could bathe and do the dishes on the one tank. Really this just meant that I could take long luxurious showers because both my roommate and I hated doing dishes. After a while we got a new water heater and life kind of made me forget about the whole thing.
And here I am in a new abode, and I am having water heater issues. For a while it worked fine (or seemed to), but now it seems that it has been leaking this whole time and I have to go light it more often than not before I can shower or do dishes. I am interested to see who this will end. And what my life will have to throw at me to get me to forget it!
All naked an unassuming. The water heater, that is.
 *my former landlady was and is wonderful. She was just out of reach for a while after I first moved in, and it didn’t get fixed for a while because of that.

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