Friday, April 08, 2011


What did I say about planning? And being ‘finished’? Oh. Yeah. You never are.
My farm journal (or so I optimistically call it) – is excruciatingly organized. I have a section of bed plans, a section that lists the number of each type of plant I plan on planting, a calendar with when each plant should be planted (which I am trying SO HARD to follow at least the weekly stuff) and a page per plant for plant info, and notes. And I do take notes. When I planted it, when it germinated, when I transplanted it, random info, etc…). I was feeling like it was extreme overkill, and then I realized today while rifling through it that in reorganizing the beds, at some point (and I cut them with scissors and taped them back together 3 or 4 times) one of them got lost and a whole bunch of stuff got missed and is not in the final* bed plans. I had kind of thought this to be the case, but since the actual sizes of each bed has also changed several times it was hard to say without me sitting and counting the squares. OK. Which if I was actually going to be organized to the point of overkill I probably should have done.
But now I am happy to have noticed before I got my water system figured out. The beds won’t be as well laid out as they should be, but thankfully since I live in the south, if the pole beans (they got left out!! Ack!!) are on the south side of the beets and shade them it’s actually not the worst thing in world. Some do it on purpose to keep them from getting overheated anyway.
And it means I get to spend a lazy cool morning shuffling paper and dreaming and scheming instead of digging holes. Yay!
*I must stop using this word
Dragging things behind the mower on my slapped together sled inspired by the manfriend and made by me. Total cost: $0

Somehow these will be incorporated into the water system. Because I really wanted to drag something else.

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