Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Finished (ish)

All netted and ready to go. Waiting...
OK. So you might never actually be finished when it comes to gardens, farms, food... But you kind of have to draw the line somewhere, right?

This has been such a massive undertaking that I have been forced to be way more organized than I would be otherwise, and more organized than I might ever be again. But no matter.

Being organized is more multi-faceted than one would think, and I have actually spent countless hours arranging, re-arranging and re-re-arranging stuff. And I'm just talking about the stuff that I'm planting. I'm NOT including everything else I've got going on (like trying to find a job, keep Melvin happy, keep Zora happy, etc). And when you think of being organized this is probably what comes to your mind first and foremost. Planning on things that are going to happen in the future. Fair enough.

But what is proving to be tough for me (and I partly blame this on the crazy weather we're having this spring), is sticking to said plan. And yes - having a fluid plan you can adjust and tweak as you go is important. And possibly one of the reasons why I will have whatever modicum of success I end up having. But sticking to the general overall plan takes patience. And patience, after years of general planning and months of intense planning, is not my strong suit.

But. I spent hours sorting out what to plant where and when, and by golly I'm gonna stick to my now many times revised plan. Which really just means that I am itching to get the warm weather crops in the ground, and am forcing myself to wait until after the frost free date. On days when it's in the 80's it is SO hard. But then on those nights that it drops back down into the 20's after said warm spell, I'm glad I waited.

So now I'm done. Done with the organizing and planning (well - except for a water system, but thankfully that is a team effort with the man. Nudge nudge wink wink, manfriend.), and now I just have to wait. 10. More. Days.

Future home of the Stoneyhaw tomatoes
Zora still doesn't exactly approve of the new mower. Could be because chasing her with it is my new fun game....


George and Kerri said...

Zora doesn't like the mower. heh heh I used to have to remind Spangle that since her ancestors came to man's fire begging scraps, she owed me. I know that look well. :)

caitlinvb said...

She seems to have gotten over it and now chases along in front of it (yes. One can do that), every now and again nipping at the front tire. I've nudged her with the car to try to get her to stop to no avail. Poor thing needs something to herd, I'm afraid. Me and all my personalities just don't cut it evidently ;)