Friday, January 21, 2011

Firsts: Guests at Stoneyhaw!


Sorry. Had to get that out. It's been a rough week or so out here at Lake Cammack, and I was thrilled to get a visit from two dear friends from my beloved Point Arena. While I don't actively miss California often, I do, and always will, have a severe soft spot for Point Arena, CA.

First Guests!! Two people and a doggie. We had a picnic. It was cold, but fun :)

 These two have their own little plot of paradise they've been building a garden and a cabin/house on, and they know what I've managed to pull off here - to the untrained eye it's not much! They were also full of ooh's and ahh's delivered at exactly the right moment, and I'm so tickled they got to see the place now, before it really gets tamed. (ha!)

Even better was the unexpected bonus that their visit brought - the sense of pride and validation in the farm and my mucking about in the mud out there. It gets really rough when you just kind of keep plodding on alone without anyone to show off your accomplishments to, or to have someone to commiserate with you when things just aren't going right.
Did I remember to get them to sign the guest book? No. Oops.

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