Thursday, December 16, 2010

Great Gobs of Winter Wonderland

Holy Buckets.

It seems like everytime I turn around someone is assuring me that "this isn't normal" in regards to the current weather conditions (whatever they may be) in my newly adopted home state of North Carolina. When we arrive in September there was a good 2-3 week span of temps in the mid-90's. We've had temps in the teens every morning for the past almost 2 weeks now.... it has snowed 3 times, and my drive into town this morning started with driving down my frozen driveway and then negotiating roads with a layer of slush and water and ice all slopped together. Not to diss my new neighbors and fellow NC citizens, but hello none of you can drive on this shit! (I'm not the best, but dude. Slow down.)

On the other hand, it sure is pretty and it sure is exciting. Everything on the farm is coated in a thin layer of ice, and if it would stop raining long enough, I'm sure it would be a sparkly pretty landscape. I suppose a white christmas is not totally out of the realm of possibility this year? I just hope the roads stay clear enough for the 3 hour drive to where I was planning on spending it.....

And I will leave you, lone reader, with this thought: cross your fingers this coming tuesday. Rumor has it the tin can might be getting running water!

Where does the glass end and the ice begin?

Poor cold....

Oddly christmasy.

The glorified puddle is SO trying to be a skating rink...

So shiny.

Our safety inspector. She isn't sure how she feels about all this white stuff invading her territory.

Here's hoping a thick icing is good for 50yr old blueberry bushes....

The plants are confused.

More plant-related confusion - since the cold snap, my cilantro has been thriving. I don't get it.

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