Sunday, August 08, 2010


I'm not good at waiting. At all. But it turns out that I can't participate in the first part of today's birthday festivities in Guerneville, due to an unforeseen porcine related accident. Which is really just a romantic way of my saying that I stepped on a shard of pork bone my dog left in the middle of the floor at 1am, and long story short, ended up going to the Dr with a football-sized foot at 5am. It's a disappointingly small wound for the amount of trouble and pain it has caused. I can't wait to drive Jenner Grade left footed. Woot!

So now I have to wait for the boat-related activities finish and meet up for more funness later.

Sneak preview. Hehe.

But that's OK. I have company. My cute little cakes are quietly waiting with me from the protection of the magical fridge (which is magical, btw, no more graininess in my buttercream. Yaay!). I made all 12 from the original painting, but only 9 will fit on the cake. Umm. Poor planning on my part. Whoops. Then again there is SO MUCH CAKE. Holy shmoly. We'll see which ones make the cut!

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