Friday, July 23, 2010

Sweet, sweet relief

Soo.... came across this today in my daily perusal of the interwebs. As I'm leaving California, I am excited about having found this.

OK. Nix that. The closest In-n-Out burger is almost 2 hours from here, so I'm happy to find this in general.

If you don't live in California, you will not understand the In-N-Out phenomenon. The best way I can think of to debunk it for you is just to tell you: In-N-Out is awesome*. And finding this website** means that if I am ever ever EVER seriously craving an In-N-Out burger, I can make it happen. In the comfort of my own kitchen. In my PJ's. With beer.

And the next time you see that iconic sign, go in and order a double double animal style for me. Thanks!

*also home of California's first drive-thru. 'Nuff said.
**dude. He used math to figure out the sauce on this burger. Another example of how I would have *liked* math if this sort of problem had been involved in my math classes in school.
And the scientific way in which he deduced the amount of relish!

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