Friday, March 03, 2006

Cell phones and toddlers

OK- with two linguists/huge brains/academic freaks as parents, I have a tendency to watch people and the way they talk, write, emote, communicate, etc. I was watching the three year old I am currently kid sitting (today is the third and final whole day) talk to her mom on the phone, I couldn't help but notice that her speech is entirely corrupted by the cell phone. A. was talking on her house phone, but knew that her mom in Santa Barbara was on her cell. Evidently where they were, the cell coverage was a bit sketchy. Anyway- amongst her not-quite-correct sentences the phrases 'are you still there?' and 'can you hear me now?' were imbedded with perfect clarity. After hanging with this kid for as long as I have, I know these phrases to be a bit past her ability to construct english grammar. I found it to be a bit depressing, and am working on getting my land line in my house put in that much quicker.

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Indiana said...

You're soo funny. But it is scary to be looking into the face of the new generation...the hopes for future is very slim