Sunday, March 05, 2006

Floods this year

This year the flooding in Mendocino and Sonoma counties has been pretty substantial. Or maybe it just seems that way because last year wasn't so bad. Anyway, I of course neglected to record the worst floods (around new year's), but I did have my ancient camera on me the last time I went up the coast. And managed to not lose my car to the flood (hurray for Jeeps and their high clearance!!), but did watch a guy lose his BMW to water going up the tailpipe and flooding his engine. Not so cool. Anyway- pictures are up on my Flickr account (click on the badge at left so I don't have to put a link in here...), and are kind of tough to see, as I had issues with getting out of the car every time I wanted to take a picture. Too cold and gusty. The sad news is they just dug these huge trenches on either side of the road to prevent this sort of thing, and this is the the first major rain post-digging, and it really didn't seem to help much. The cows look particularly miserable.

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