Saturday, May 18, 2013

Number Two

No. This post is NOT about poop. Regardless of the fact that my life revolves around poop. (Did he? When? What color? How much? Is he working on one now? Oh get over it. Someone's days revolved around your poop at one point, too)

No. Now that the baby chickens have been out of the brooder for almost six weeks now, we have yet another Australorp that has gone broody. Many people find this to be an annoying trait in a chicken - they have to be sequestered and so take up space, they don't lay during this time, they're often nasty as hell... but I am super excited about it.

For one thing it means I get more chickens this year. I had wanted to add meat chickens and a few more easter eggers (especially now that Road Runner is no longer with us... *sob*). We decided not to this year due to the arrival of the bebe... But I got the 3 baby chickens, and now Pancake Chicken Part 2 is sitting on 4 eggs.

...and it means that we will have more babiness to ooh and ahh over soon. Love it!

The Redneck and the Acorn moved them into the conveniently now available brooder coop yesterday, and that will be PCNT's home for the next several weeks. We have hopefully learned from our mistakes and this time around *should* go smoother.

Pancake Chicken #2

Pancake Chicken, the original


barbara woods said...

congrats on your baby

caitlinvb said...

Thank you!

Ramona JapaneseRedneck said...

Those too doggies look like they are thinking chicken dinner.

Good luck with the babies.