Thursday, May 03, 2012

Cheepy Update

They keep getting bigger.

Just shy of being 4 weeks old, here they are:

They take turns roosting on the waterer. Point taken, little ones.

They also like to roost in the doorway.

Australorps are looking more Australorp-y.

The Wyandottes MAY or MAY NOT let the RIR back in...

They are actually not the easiest thing in the world to photograph, but anyhoo. You get the idea*. They are getting awkwarder and awkwarder. I could spend HOURS watching them.

*I am ashamed to admit I have a LOT of them from around 2 weeks ago, and not a lot from the past week. 


The Japanese Redneck said...

I watch mine a lot. They follow me around begging for treats.

caitlinvb said...

Totally :) I prefer to think of it as affection. Even if it's just affection for food!