Sunday, August 07, 2011

Perspective. Again. (ouch)

This post will be a bit brief as it is being written on my iPhone. Lots of happenings, well, happening here. Most notably my computer is either on quite the strike, or is dead. When I hit the power button it beeps and the power light flashes. Really it sound like an alarm from some bank in some old 80's movie going off, but there you go. I did the obligatory google searches, found a couple of recommended solutions, tried them all a few times and obviously didn't get anywhere. I will take it to Apple tomorrow after work to see what can be done, but let's be realistic about this - I lost just about all of my pictures and several future blog posts I was working on. Not to mention all my essays I kept writing and rewriting...

But nonetheless. Big things are happening. When I DO get back online reliably, here's what has been going on that will be reported on:

-mysterious chicken death
-new washing machine (woot!)
-fall crops are (mostly) in!
-tabacco is beautiful
-manfriend and son are moving in.

Thanks for your (from this end of the Internet seemingly endless) patience, and see you soon.

Also please forgive the typos. This is not the easiest interface to manage on an iPhone (come ON blogger!!)


igoslomo said...

That completely sucks... I had computer problems a couple of weeks ago.. thought it was fixed but ended up being my hard drive... my apple care/warranty is over by a year.. and guess what?? They replaced my hard drive free.. F-R-E-E.. cuz I've been such a good customer (if Apple sold an iToaster, I'd buy it).. and I didn't lose anything cuz I have a Apple Time Capsule that backs up everything everyday (learned that lesson when I lost a previous hard drive and it's a sucky lesson to learn).. I highly recommend a time capsule or one of those services on line that backs up your 'puter.. I've never tried one but I've heard they work.

Looking forward to the updates and hearing good news about your 'outer.

Samantha Bangayan said...

YIKES! I'm so sorry for the computer craziness! =( I haven't had such a huge hard drive loss yet, but I imagine that after the grief, it can feel refreshing...? =P Can't wait to hear about these new tidbits and so excited about "family" moving in!! =)