Monday, November 01, 2010

Weekend Update

Holy shnikey. This weekend has been such an EVENT.

The real reason for going to Washington DC? The Rally To Restore Sanity and or Fear. In a nutshell, a cry for reasonableness and moderation in politics and political expectations today. Outside of said nutshell, a whole hell of a lot more people than Comedy Central expected, a whole hell of a lot more people than I expected, and a whole hell of a lot of people acting...well...reasonably. Some of my friends got a bit squished among the masses, but all in all I didn't see anyone acting aggro or uptight or anything other than polite and genuinely happy to be where they were. Which is exactly what you would hope for from a rally purporting to restore sanity. (which it did).

Teabags take Washington

Entertain the masses.

What happened that was more than I expected?

I'm so glad you asked.

My mind was blown in the BEGINNING of this extravaganza. Jon Stewart brought out Cat Stevens (billed again as Yusef. Getting confusing here dude) to play 'Peace Train'. Stephen Colbert became possibly the first person in history to interrupt Yusef (or Joe, if I may) to bring out Ozzy Osbourne to play 'Crazy Train'. The two of them had a sing off. Not even kidding. They hugged and left the stage.

The magnitude of this event is not sinking in, oh lone reader (hi mom!). Cat Stevens hugged Ozzy Osbourne on stage AND I WAS THERE TO SEE IT.

After that, the musical guests just paled in comparison and the grin never left my face.

Little do they know headstands occurred on the other side just the night before....


Say it with me "iconic"

Glorious fall, how I missed you!

Duck butt!

These were damn good. Go here.

Another excuse to go to Washington? To see my best friends from CA. Two of them were at the rally with me dressed as teabags, and I got to go sightseeing for a whole afternoon in the glorious fall sunshine with the third. There were headstands on the lawn (pictures of this DO exist, but not on my camera, so I leave it up to your imagination), glorious cupcakes (thanks to a great suggestion by a great friend I FINALLY got to meet in person!), hot tubbing and general debauchery. A great weekend.


Malia said...

My mind is blown just imagining your weekend! Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Cat Stevens, AND Ozzy Osbourne?! A sing off?! You serious?!?!?!? Sounds incredible! Now if only the incredible rally would make some kind of a difference...

caitlinvb said...

I figure at the VERY least - they got over 200,000 people packed into an inadequate space and everyone acted completely reasonably. It was amazing actually how not a single person I saw there was uptight or aggro about anything it was awesome.

Indiana said...

You were apart of history... you witnessed history. Although some would say that if Ozzy bit Cat Steven's head off . . . that wouldn't be entirely unreasonable.. He HAS been known to do such things in the past.

And I'm sorry. Cat Stevens is Cat Stevens......Artist formally know as Prince my arse