Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I may be on to something

While living in Japan, I used to drink various hot beverages that we got out vending machines. This morning I went to make my tea (I hate it that I quit drinking coffee!), and realized I didn't;t have any milk. Like a true domestic demi-goddess (not yet a full-fledged goddess yet...) I have powdered milk - I use it in my sourdough bread (I live in SF...) and in my yoghurt (of course I make my own yoghurt). After I managed to get all the clumps dissolved (ew!), I cam o the realization that my tea now tastes exactly like 'Royal Milk Tea' - a flavor of beverage that comes out of a vending machine, and almost always had cornflower blue itty-bitty flower wallpaper motif on the cans. Weird how two things like that can connect in your brain - and how powdered milk can take on a different sense of importance in your cupboard...

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