Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lift off!

We have lift off, folks. I was going to do it last weekend, but the damn snOMG 2105 screwed all that up. And I was freaking out because I didn't want to plant seed trays only to have them reach -3 Fahrenheit in an un-insulated shed, but I didn't want to keep the lights on 24/7 to keep the trays warm enough..... duh. Idiot. We're not living in it yet, but we (more or less) have a HEATED HOUSE. Idiot.

So this weekend.... I planted (what will be) our garden.

I feel so very (overly) organized this year. I used a planner and planned both the back garden with raised beds and the meadow garden with rows. I calculated the numbers of each plant that I want. I tried to put friends with each other and keep plant enemies separated. I incorporated pollinator and pest attracting flowers in the plans. I got soaker hoses for the blueberries (they have been in my car for a week now, and will continue to rattle around in there most likely until our first drought-like conditions, thankyouverymuch). I am prepared. I hope I don't fuck it up.

Planning his own garden. Or world domination. Or just destroying a new notebook we (thought we'd) hid



Ta da!!!


Jennifer Fais said...

Really - planning ahead is not looking for trouble - it is simply being as ready as possible! Your set up looks fantastic! We were really worried about you with that batch of winter weather. OUR plants/trees don't care how much more winter we get - THEY are frozen solid already!

Fingers crossed for your little seedlings.

caitlinvb said...

We're snug as bugs in rugs! Yes, wes we are. And this cold winter will do wonders for the rhubarb you gave us. I keep them in a pot so they DO freeze, if at all possible. A major reason why rhubarb can be tough down here. I haven't ruined it yet, but the damn chickens eat it every year! I am hoping that if I over plant like hell this year two things will happen: I'll end up with something even if something else don't make it, and I'm forced to can lots of stuff :)