Sunday, July 28, 2013

...and the summer flies on

This summer is flying by. It's been almost 2 months, 2 batches of chicks, me going back to work, a foundation, a birthday, outer walls, outer walls getting stained, a porch getting started, and a death in the family since I last wrote. I think. I know there's been more than that, but those are the big talking points. Yup. A lot of shit is going on here. My Redneck and my parents have been working like crazy getting this house built, while I have been back at work. The bebe gets to stay at home and supervise. Not a lot of time to blog, but a lot of exciting things!



We FINALLY caught them coming out of the shell... not hours later like usual. And I could actually hear them peeping inside the shell before they managed to bust out - so cool!

Supervising the house-building

Baby snuggles are often necessary after a hard day's work...

Finished(ish) foundation!

The bebe is clearly shocked to have his first farmer's tan so early in life

House bulding pics soon!


Ramona JapaneseRedneck said...

What a cute little fella!

Sorry to hear about the loss in your family.

Building a house is a lot of work and very exciting too.

barbara woods said...

beautiful baby

caitlinvb said...

So exciting!

Jennie said...

You've got little entities coming out of the woodwork there! So much fun!Though the chicks should grow faster than Axton...

clothespin said...

The first year is always a blur. And I don't know why but we always move/fix up/build a house whenever I'm pregnant. It seems to go with it for whatever reason.

Your baby is super cute by the way.